For who?

In den Vreemde supports a temporary space for artists, intellectuals, journalists, scientists and activists whose expression of art, ideas or opinions is obstructed because of their (political) beliefs, race, religion or sexual orientation.

The target group of In den Vreemde consists of applicants who meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. persons who live and reside outside of the Netherlands, suffer physical or intellectual exile and require temporary financial and artistic support;
2. persons who seek for temporary residence, on the invitation of In den Vreemde or a kindred organization;
3. persons who travelled or fled to the Netherlands at their own initiative and require temporary financial support here;
4. refugees and asylum seekers with artistic or intellectual standing in their country of origin, who come to the Netherlands (whether temporarily or permanently) or who reside here in order to be able to practice their artistic and/or intellectual calling without censorship.

Note: persons who have committed war crimes or violated human rights are expressly excluded from In den Vreemde’s target group.

Individual support by existing organization

In den Vreemde supports individuals. However it is preferred that an application is submitted by an organization who takes the responsibility for the person in question.
The organization takes the responsibility that the subsidy will be spent as agreed. Besides that the organization supports and guides the person in question.

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