• Julio Omar Gomez Sanchez: book and website about the forced displacement of the Mexican journalists.
  • Sandra Edith Fraire Domínguez: serveral projects in Mexico for free journalism.
  • La Pared Noticias: website for free journalism.
  • Theater Rast: the play ‘Kereltje’ in Turkey.
  • Akram Assam: master program DAS theatre.
  • Kawa Nemir: support for living expenses during his stay in the Netherlands.
  • Lohvinau House of Literature
  • Houtfestival 2017: travel and staying costs for Mahsa Vadat en Nahawa Doumbia.
  • Stichting Granate, vrijheidsmaaltijd: poetry & film at the table.
  • Kuala Lumpur Writers Workshop: writing workshops.
  • Stichting Morgenland: Festival Morgenland Amsterdam.
  • Le Pont Gallery, Aleppo, Syria: art workshops with children and refugees.
  • Kuala Lumpur Writers Workshop: writing workshops with homeless people, refugees and women escaping domestic violence.
  • Youth theatre company DeGasten: travel and staying costs for performer Mher (Ukraine/NL).
  • Dancing on the Edge Festival: travel and staying costs for the performance ‘Above Zero’ by Koon Theatre Group (Lebanon/Syria).
  • Poet Ghayath Almadhoun (Sweden/Syria/Palestine): expenses for writing residency in Antwerp (B).
  • Human rights activist Emin Huseynov (Switzerland/Azerbejan): living expenses during residency.
  • Visual artist Shahin Daoud (Syria/NL): audiovisual equipment to create animation films.
 Uit veiligheidsoverwegingen staan niet alle gesteunde organisaties en personen online.
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