1. A subsidy by Foundation In den Vreemde is temporary, with a predetermined maximum duration.

2. There is no right to appeal against desicions taken by the board.


1. The Grantee shall be entirely autonomous in the execution of the project, within the scope of the project description. The Grantor shall not carry out any interim supervision.

2.The Grantee shall be responsible for the agreed result.


1. The amount of the grant shall include any fiscal obligations of the Grantee (including GST) in the country of execution. Any (additional) tax claims shall be payable by the Grantee and cannot be charged to the Grantor.

2. The Grantee shall provide confirmation of receipt. The deposit shall take place within 14 days of receipt of the  Grantor’s notice of grant approval.

3. The Grantor shall receive a financial and qualitative report at the latest 3 months after the completion of the project / the end of the support period.


1. The Grantee is responsible for taking out sufficient insurance to the benefit of the artist, being the person performing the project or the beneficiary of the support, particularly insurance for medical expenses, accidents, (legal) liability and any special risks due to the nature of the project. The Grantee shall indemnify the Grantor in this matter.
2. The Grantee shall furthermore indemnify the Grantor against possible claims for damages from any third parties, resulting from the acts or negligence of the artist, being the person executing the project or the beneficiary of the support; this includes any claims for damages that may occur or become known after the grant period. 

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