Kawa Nemir is a Kurdish poet, short story writer, translator and editor from Turkey: “Since the July of 2016, life for poets, writers, translators, journalists and academics in Turkey started to become more difficult and threatening day by day because the radical islamist government of Turkey. It has been turning every critical voice into a target, deliberately has been arresting numerous people without any trial or indictment, doing its purge, and, maybe worse than that, dooming the men and women of letters like me to hunger and constant threats such as custody, imprisonment and being deprived of the freedom of thought and expression. The man and women of letters like me, journalists and human rights activists are no longer able to twitter or talk openly or sign their books since they may be persecuted, imprisoned or shot at any time for any reason. And being a Kurdish poet, translator, writer and editor makes the situation even worse.”

Support for living expenses during his stay in the Netherlands.

Kawa Nemir

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